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My way of life:

Imagine. Dare to dream. Explore. Gain insight. Sketch. Craft. Experiment. Feel free to improvise. Play. Have patience. Keep it simple. Try again. Have fun. Act gently. Mind the details. Sense the rhythm. Smile. Focus. Find the balance. Let go. Enjoy. Share. Collaborate. Enhance. Create. Inspire.


Technology :: Explained

How much do you know about the equipment you own? I’ll help you understand what everything does with a human-centered analysis of your infrastructure.

Maximize Resources

Maximize Resources

Embrace the tools you already have. Let’s find creative ways to make the most out of your technological investments together.

Guided Purchases

Guided Purchases

Thinking of purchasing new equipment or software? Let me handle the necessary research to ensure you obtain the best products tailored to your needs.

Technology :: Explained

Take a moment from what you are doing and think about your technological infrastructure.
Is everything running smoothly? …are you sure?

With so many technological advances going on around us it is very hard to keep up – especially when you also have a business to run. If you are an engineer, doctor, architect, musician, baker or any other type of business owner you are not expected to be an expert on technology, that’s where I come in.

Maximize Current Resources

I examine your complete technological infrastructure including hardware (wiring, power, routers, switches, servers, computers, etc) and software (operating systems, productivity packages, security suites, VPNs, etc) to create a human-friendly summary of everything you own, helping you understand what resources you actually have and what each of them can do for you.

Once you have an expanded view of your technological infrastructure, I can help you make the most out of everything you own. Why go and buy new equipment when you can put what you already purchased to better use?

Sometimes equipment we own may appear to be slow or problematic but most of the time this is due to bad configuration and poor or nonexistent planning. By analyzing your business model, I can extrapolate different ways to optimize your processes while reusing equipment which you probably though was useless. This ensures maximum efficiency and helps avoid unnecessary “blind” purchases.

Guided Purchases

When it comes to IT infrastructure there are many variables to consider that depend greatly on the company’s structure and work process. No one system works for every company type and there is not even one that works on all companies of the same type – thus making choosing the right tools very hard.

By being apart from the day to day tasks of internal staff, I have the ability to do the appropriate research, think outside the box to find the most creative solution that best reflects your business model.

When my clients are happy, I am happy.

Client Talk

“Armando inherently excels at simplifying complex challenges. When it comes to network and server infrastructure mastery, he is at the top. Singlehandedly deploying a High Performance Computing Cluster is not an easy task. His efforts not only increased our computer power by a sixfold, but also reduced the department’s spending by reusing existing legacy hardware and open source software.”

Juan Nolazco, Ph.D. – ITESM